T.R.U.E Mentor Program

The Family Resource Center’s T.R.U.E Mentor Program is seeking male volunteer mentors for our exciting new initiative based at our host site and in the community.

The Teach ONE. Reach ONE. UPLIFT ONE. EMPOWER ONE Mentor Program provides academic and social support for boys and young men ages 6 to 18 by helping our mentees increase their motivation and confidence, set and achieve new goals, give direction to their academic and future career choices while expanding their network, enabling them to unlock their potential and gain leadership roles.

T.R.U.E serves as the foundation for our boys and young men to build their futures through healthy positive relationships. Mentors will meet once a month for 4-6 hours with a mentee for a minimum of one year.  As an agency, we are dedicated to providing this opportunity to every boy in need. Join us and make a difference with this exciting new program!

If you would like to learn more about becoming a mentor:

Please contact Jennifer Dowd, at: 
Phone:  339-883-2401
Email:   jdowd@centerboard.org

If you would like to apply to become a mentor, follow these instructions:

1. Download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader for free:


2. Download and save the following four forms (right-click on each link to save to your computer)

  1. Consent for Background Records Check

  2. Mentor Contract

  3. Mentor Interest Survey

  4. Personal References

3. Open each PDF form in Adobe Acrobat Reader and complete the form by typing the required information into each field.  Make sure you provide your digital signature if the form requires it.  Save each completed form.

4. Email the four forms to Jennifer Dowd at jdowd@centerboard.org

5. Applicants can also complete the printed forms by hand and mail them to:

Centerboard Family Resource Center
16 City Hall Square
Lynn MA 01901
Attn: Jennifer Dowd


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