The Lynn Academy

The Lynn Academy offers eight different programs that provide seven different levels of care: the young men's independent living program, the young women's independent living program, the young men's pre-independent living program, a co-ed adolescent group home, a co-ed short term assessment and rapid reunification program, a teen living program, supported teen employment and an apartment model supportive housing program.

Programs are staffed with a multidisciplinary treatment team, including mental health clinicians and a registered nurse to assist each youth/family's to obtain their goals. Services include educational and vocational support, recreation, case management, medical care, advocacy, individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy and group counseling.


Scattered Sites Housing Services

The Housing Services department works with families that are either homeless or in transitional housing. The primary goal for each family is permanent, safe housing and self-sufficiency. The overall goal is for our families to create a better life for themselves and particularly for their children.

One of the innovative responses we have created is to have a playroom for the children, while the parents are attending our program. Parents would not be able to attend without it. The playroom volunteers are people that have in fact completed our program and have returned to give back what they were given, hope. Through the years many of our families have succeeded and come back to thank us for helping them to make their dreams come true. Our answer is always the same…you did the work!