Ghosts of Lynn Revealed!

This year, Centerboard and Visionspace Gallery were very happy to partner with Raw Art Works, the Lynn Museum & Historical Society and the Downtown Lynn Cultural District in the creation of Public Art 4.0 “Ghosts of Lynn”. The result of this year’s collaboration proved to be the best public art version yet with an amazing blend of historical photos and current day photos of Lynn’s downtown.

 On July 17th over 100 people attended the Big Reveal Party for the new photos. The event, hosted by The Daily Item’s Phil Ouellette, had a little something for everyone. The Northshoremen, a truly entertaining barbershop quartet provided a nice throwback vibe from a bygone era while DJ Seth spun a nice mix of soul, r&b and rock and roll. Paaastelitos and The Gulu Gulu Café offered refreshments and there were free popsicles for the kids, regardless of age! The artwork was created by Tyla Levesque and Justis McMahon, two students in RAW’s Real to Reel Filmschool. The oversized photos envelope Central Square with eye-catching colors and a fascinating look into Lynn’s past as compared to Lynn’s present.

 Centerboard is very proud of our public art projects. Taking the time to help the artists participate in the project, and raising money to produce the art is our way of saying that we take pride in Lynn and in these projects that are so important to the city’s turnaround.

 We think half the battle towards revitalization is connecting the citizenry with each other so everyone can come together and enjoy something their city has to offer.  We think arts and culture and our public art projects are just a small part of all of the other great stuff that is happening. Now that the “District” is in full swing, stay in tune by visiting

 A big thank you goes out to everyone who supports us in our public art endeavors and the residents, businesses and non-profits who continue to make downtown Lynn a cultural destination.

Ghosts of Lynn, Q&A, chapter 4!

This week's installment of our Q&A blog series for The Ghosts of Lynn public art project spotlights someone who usually ASKS the questions. We decided to reverse roles with Chris Stevens, the fearless reporter and food columnist for The Daily Item! We are still fundraising for this cool project and its not too late to contribute. Your $30 donation sponsors 2 square feet of art! Learn more and donate HERE. In the meantime, here is what Chris had to say!


What brought you to Lynn?
Love & the Daily Item.

What is your personal favorite public art installation?
Oh so many come to mind! I love the guy on the books in front of the T-garage. In a cemetery in Woodstock, NY there is a tomb with the statue of a cat looking downward. It breaks my heart but I love it. I love the Einstein statue in front of the National Academy of Sciences in DC and the traveling piano always makes me smile (and wish I could play piano!).

What was your reaction when the big photos first appeared?
I loved it! Our office looks out on Central Square, we walk by it on our way to Dunkin Donuts, City Hall, Raw Art Works, Dunkin Donuts...did I say that already?

Lynn Lynn City of Sin, ignore it or embrace it?
Embrace it! You never go out the way you went in doesn't have to be a negative! Maybe you came out better, smarter, more well-enlightened, definitely well-fed.

Starry Night or The Scream?
Depends on the day---I do love my Starry Night though (and now Don McLean's "Vincent" will be stuck in my head for the remainder of the day).