How does the Creative Economy work?

November 16th marked our 15th show at Visionspace Gallery. With each event, we attract more people and new faces into downtown Lynn. We had another impressive turnout for our Night Light opening.  Over 100 people got to see the fabulous night time photography of artists from all over New England.

Visionspace Gallery Director, Adam Miller, curates group shows as a means to growing and building an audience and giving as many artists as possible a chance to show their work. The happy by-product for us is that every month we have groups of whole new people coming into Lynn. Some have never been and all are delighted that Lynn indeed does NOT live up to its bad reputation. This is important to note. As we all keep working and creating momentum for the arts movement here, the willingness of people to come to our shows will increase that movement ten fold. We’ve already seen it in action. Someone might come for an event and the next time they bring a friend who the next time brings their friend and so on and so on. Word of mouth is the ultimate marketing tool and using it to our advantage is part of the plan.

 The patrons at the show marveled at the breathtaking colors and the clarity of focus to small details that night time photography employs. The absolute beauty of this show is remarkable and the crowd hung around all night enjoying it.

 The street level Visionspace Gallery is starting to draw notice in the gallery scene, evidenced by the 1000+ visitors who have purchased over 100 pieces of art during the past 16 months.

 Many of our attendees ask for directions to local restaurants after the show ends. Visionspace staff direct them to The Blue Ox and now, also to the new Rossetti's on Sutton Street.

 And this is the creative economy in action. We have been saying it for a while. These events are not solely about showcasing art, it is also about creating commerce for the downtown businesses that can serve the needs of the countless people that are coming in to Lynn to see and buy the art.

 At the end of the day, we are all in this together. Collaboration is key, it always is. More art means more people which means more business, which leads to more jobs, which translates to more spending which equals a better local economy. That is how it works, that is the goal so that is what we do. Come see some art!