What I Learned from Twitter on my Summer Job

Twitter is a great social networking site. I’ve been using it personally for over a year now. I love tweeting, re-tweeting, favoring my friend’s tweets, all of that good stuff. But I did learn some new things after running Centerboard’s Twitter account as part of my summer job. There is so much more to Twitter than I ever thought.

First off, I was shocked as well as intrigued when I learned that people who work on social media get paid to tweet! This is something I do for my own entertainment, and I never suspected I could get paid for doing something I love. Secondly, after maintaining Centerboard’s Twitter account, I learned that Twitter is just as resourceful as watching the news (if you’re following the right accounts). All of the latest news stories are always being covered by Twitter, all of these fun facts and quotes being posted, staying up to date on all of the other nonprofit organizations, it is truly amazing! Twitter can be used for so much more than your own personal pleasure, and it deserves to be known!

Thanks to Centerboard for an eye opening summer work experience!

-Ethan DeJoie

Social Media Team, Summer Jobs 2013