"I don't tell them, I show them everything is going to be okay."



When families come to Miguel, Family Housing Advocate at Centerboard , they don’t have much, sometimes nothing at all, and they don’t know what to expect.  Miguel explains, “That first conversation is you, basically trying your best to let them know they are going to be okay and that they don’t have to be scared. Often times they are on the verge of tears, their kids are with them and they have nothing.” 

Centerboard is a community-based organization headquartered in Lynn MA whose continuing mission for the last 29 years is to revitalize communities by investing in their people and places.  Most of Centerboard’s work is getting Greater Lynn families and children back on their feet.  Centerboard isn’t interested in providing a handout as much as teaching families the ways to become self-sufficient. 

Miguel always reassures his families and works to get them to a better place.  Even in that first visit, he can see a difference in them -- a sense of comfort that they did not come in with. Miguel will then spend time going over how he is going to help them turn their lives around and prepare them for their better future. 

“I try to make it as painless as possible, so in the beginning that can be an interesting conversation. I usually go home thinking about how they must feel and hope I’ve made a positive difference in their lives.”

Centerboard’s staff is committed to helping Greater Lynn’s families and children receive the services and support they need.  Centerboard staff’s motto is we will do “whatever it takes” to ensure their families receive the support they need to become self-sufficient, contributing members of their communities.

As a 501 © (3) nonprofit organization, Centerboard and our client families and children, rely on the support of individuals and families like yours. Let them know you care. Please show your neighbors your support by making a heartfelt gift of just $5.00. Your generous gift is fully tax deductible and Centerboard will turn it into hope and homes for our families and children.  In today’s troubled world, isn’t it good to know that people, like Miguel, are guiding Greater Lynn’s underprivileged families and children to a happy, self-sufficient future?

Make your gift today. You'll be glad you did! 

Centerboard employee rallies with community members to help a family in need!

Our very own Kim O'Neill went above and beyond for one woman and her young daughter who had been striving to get out of shelter and into their own home. As the small family had nothing, the mother was hesitant to move into an apartment she would not be able to furnish. Kim reached out to "Wakefield Mom's" of Facebook and her garage quickly filled up with beautiful donations of all kinds. On move in day Kim worked tirelessly to get the place all set up to reveal to the family. Upon seeing their new apartment, the mother was speechless and the young daughter could not hold back the tears. A big thank you to the Moms of Wakefield and all who came together to support this little family. Your impact made a world of difference and of course, thank you Kim O'Neill for continuing to go above and beyond for families in need! 

Four Employees Graduate from Suffolk Nonprofit Certificate Program

This one year course is specifically designed for mid-career professionals in nonprofit organizations. Recognizing the complex and challenging set of skills that are necessary to excel in human services management, this program includes six blocks of classes in key subject areas. This certificate program is offered in partnership with Suffolk University in Boston and with Clark University in Worcester. Congratulations to Ebony White, Agnes Kahindi-Misigah, Jennifer Ford and Jacqueline Reyes. We value your hard work and commitment to working so hard in order to help more people in need. 



Lynn Fire Update

Thank You Greater Lynn Community!!

On Saturday, January 21st, many, many families were helped thanks to the generosity of the Greater Lynn Community, Centerboard Staffers and the amazing volunteers who dedicated their time to make our Clothing Distribution Day a huge success!!

Dateline: January 9th, 2017

On New Year’s Day, a 5-alarm fire on West Baltimore St. in Lynn made 64 people instantly homeless with nothing but the clothes on their backs. The call for donations went out and the Greater Lynn community responded with such robust compassion that all of us here at Centerboard were overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion. 

We all know times are tough out there for everyone. We also all know that when the chips are down, communities come together to support one another. Centerboard led the effort along with Lynn Museum/LynnArts, the Lynn Shelter Association, Lynn Economic Opportunity, Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, St. Vincent de Paul Society, and the Salvation Army to gather all manner of things the fire victims would need in the cold of January. Clothing, house wares, coats, mittens, hats, toiletries, diapers etc. filled our entire 4,000 square foot engagement center. Additionally, countless people showed up to volunteer to sort, organize and offer their kind words in the face of such a neighborhood tragedy. 

On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers, we send our heartfelt thanks to everyone who selflessly gave of their time, possessions and dollars to help out our neighbors in need. This type of caring and generosity are why we at Centerboard are so thankful and proud to call Lynn home!