Centerboard, Marcus Partners Help Provide a Path Out Of Homelessness

Centerboard CEO Mark DeJoie, Legacy, Grace, Isaiah, and Marcus Partners CEO Paul Marcus.

Centerboard CEO Mark DeJoie, Legacy, Grace, Isaiah, and Marcus Partners CEO Paul Marcus.

After spending 18 months in shelters with two children, something as simple as having your own space to call home can seem like a dream that will never come true.

But last month, that dream came true for Grace, her 18-year-old daughter Legacy, and 7-year-old son Isaiah.

Continuing a years-long dedication to public service and volunteer projects, Boston-based Marcus Partners oversaw a major overhaul of a two-bedroom apartment in Lynn. From painting the walls, to scrubbing the floors and stocking the fridge to providing new furniture and bedding, the Marcus Partners volunteers handed over the keys to a shining new home to Grace and her family.

“I’m really excited, this is really my lucky day,” said Grace. “It’s been a challenge to find a place to live and not know where you are going to stay with kids.”

For the past 18-months, Centerboard has worked with Grace on her journey from homelessness to independence. Of course, Grace, who works as a graphic designer while raising her two children, has worked hard to make a better life for her family.

But Grace said she greatly appreciates the help Centerboard has provided along the way as she navigated the path from shelter living to finding the apartment for her and her children.

“The staff at Centerboard just seems like they care a little bit more and they treat you like you matter,” she said.

As the finishing touches were put on the apartment, Marcus Partners CEO Paul Marcus and Centerboard CEO Mark DeJoie were on hand to help welcome Grace, Legacy, and Isaiah to their new home.

Marcus thanked his employees who volunteered their time to help turn the space into a bright, airy oasis. He also thanked the volunteer help from Timberline Construction and Aurora, Inc. for their roles in the project.

Marcus and DeJoie were both steadfast in their praise of Grace for working hard to make a better life for her and her family.

“Grace did everything she needed to do, she’s working and following the system,” said Susan Gillis, a Centerboard program director. “It shows what happens when everyone works together.”