Lynn Continues to Move Forward

Several years ago we posted a series of blogs called “The Drips”. We likened each individual accomplishment of local organizations and individuals to drips in a bucket slowly adding up to contribute to Lynn’s revitalization. So here we are many months down the road and the positivity continues to build and good things continue to happen in Lynn. Here are a few highlights!

The Mass Cultural Council names downtown Lynn as the state’s first (another FIRST for Lynn!) Cultural District. The city recently named the first Director of the District, Emily Ruddock, who is doing an outstanding job of coalition building, spearheading events and overall vision planning for Lynn’s downtown area. To keep up with the happenings, visit the District’s facebook page HERE.

The restaurant scene is jumping all over the city. Four Winds Pub is located on what the locals lovingly call “Lake Lynnipesaukee” (aka Sluice Pond). They recently built an unbelievable patio right on the water. This outside setting is primo for good drinks, excellent food and stellar sunsets. The patio is geared up for the colder months with heaters too! Rossetti’s Restaurant hit the ground running delivering delicious cuisine and creative cocktails. It is located right next to D’Amici’s Downtown that serves up a full breakfast menu everyday until 2pm!! The next great eatery to hit the scene will be R.F. O’Sullivans, who plan on rocking out quality pub food including a legendary burger, on the corners of Sutton and Central Avenues.

Lynn recently added a semi-pro football team, the North Shore Generals, who play their home games at Manning Field.

Various members of the Lynn community recently got together to form Stop the Violence: Lynn. This organization is working hard on youth outreach, positive activities and pro-active energy to stop the cycle of violence in the city. Visit their facebook page and help STOP THE VIOLENCE.

A new round of big photos went up in Central Square over the summer. “Public Art 4.0: Ghosts of Lynn” was a first ever collaboration between Centerboard’s Visionspace Gallery, Raw Art Works and the Lynn Museum. Check out the unbelievable combination of historical and present day photos the next time you are in the area.

These are just a few examples of the exciting progress being made in Lynn. There is great momentum and we have high hopes for the future.  To sum it up, here is a fantastic quote from Richard “Frank” Sullivan, owner of R.F. O’Sullivans:

“I live nearby on the North Shore and Lynn is happening, I see it, just the way I saw it in Somerville 23 years ago,” said Sullivan. “I can feel it.” –as quoted in the Lynn Journal