Urban Art and Culture

Here at Centerboard, we have noticed that there has been a renewed interest in using art and culture to build stronger communities in urban areas across the country.  In this economy there is not much else for Urban Planners to point to in their revitalization plans, other than art.  Business growth is still sluggish and therefore new jobs are not easily created.

It is our belief that arts and culture projects need to be more than a page in a proposal submitted to the city council. As communities search for competitive advantages they look at what assets they already possess and utilize those assets in the best possible manner. 

What is unspoken in these discussions is that arts and culture programs are relatively cheap in comparison to wholesale urban building and redevelopment. Investing in art initiatives bring together the creative minds of artists and entrepreneurs and promotes outside the box thinking that is needed in times of a prolonged economic slow down.

Lynn has many positive assets. Of course we all know that we have the ocean, Gannon Golf course, Lynn Woods, cool architecture, amazing history and a dense downtown core that is easily accessible via public transportation. The city also has amazing organizations filled with dedicated people who are capitalizing on these assets and creating momentum that will propel the city onto the arts and culture map. As this happens, Lynn will enjoy the draw of people to the city. Whether to a restaurant, an art opening or to see live theater or a historical exhibit, these people will breathe new life into downtown, bringing their spending power with them. Pretty soon existing businesses will begin to flourish and new businesses will open which both lead to job creation. This is the essence of the creative economy.

So the time is now to get on board with the creative train in Lynn! The revival is happening and great things wait in the future. As all of our inner promoters know, the best way to spread the word is to speak the word! Word of mouth has been and always will be the strongest marketing tool out there. So we say to you, come visit downtown Lynn and check out the scene. Tell your friends and bring them too. We have developed a little saying around here and it goes like this. “That’s right, we said Lynn!”


Public Art 3.0, Central Square downtown Lynn.  Artist: Adam Miller

Public Art 3.0, Central Square downtown Lynn. 
Artist: Adam Miller