Thanks to the New England Foundation for the Arts, the MBTA, and Jason Cruz of Cruz @rt for bringing amazing, positive, public art to downtown Lynn!




Public Art

The public art projects produced by Centerboard focus on improving downtown neighborhoods and providing residents with a colorful landscape as a backdrop to their day. The hub of downtown Lynn, Central Square has been a main focus of public art placement. The third installment of 8’ x 10’ photos is currently up on the side of the MBTA bridge and all three exhibits have been well received by downtown residents, business owners and those just passing through the square. 

The New England Foundation for the Arts recently awarded Centerboard a grant to expand on its public art initiatives and we are hard at work creating our vision for the project.


Thanks to dedication and perseverance, an eyesore was turned into a thing of beauty. ART WAY!--located in Central Square, downtown Lynn.


Visionspace is quickly becoming one of the North Shore’s most popular galleries. Designed to showcase local, regional and national artists, the gallery holds art openings every month with the idea of making interesting, quality art available for everyone to enjoy. We believe that access to art and cultural events helps to strengthen communities, inspire residents and support hard working artists.

The gallery recently teamed up with local, emerging artist Adam Miller. Adam is a graduate of Montserrat College of Art and has shown his work from coast to coast. If you would like to submit your work for consideration in our juried exhibitions, contact